At Strandbygaard Grafisk we also have our own MarketingService – a small – but efficient in-house bureau.

Here we are solving both large and small marketing jobs. Please contact us in connection with a specific job related to your marketing – then we shall in common find the solution that suits you best.

At MarketingService we are constantly striving to solve your problems on time and according to agreements made. Even though we keep several balls in the air, we always make sure to take special care of each individual job. We do many different jobs, such as:

  •  Preparation of catalogues including photos •  Copywriting
  •  Layout and planning •  Printing jobs
  •  Project management •  Websites
  •  Media planning •  Exhibition materials and concepts
  •  Preparation of ads and insertion •  Analytical work

As you can see we offer to solve many different problems, and if you have an idea we shall be glad to test it and turn it into practice.



Every other month MarketingService will prepare a short newsletter with good ideas and relevant information.

If you want to receive the newsletter you are welcome to send us an e-mail with your name and address, then you will receive news from MarketingService in connection with the next issue.

Send your e-mail to:


Contact us

Thomas Broløs
Marketing consultant
Phone +45 96 800 713
Cell phone +45 4042 7087

Helle Damgaard Larsen
Marketing / Graphic Designer
Phone +45 96 800 719