Creativity, control and setting-up

Our five graphic designers in prepress will among other things help you with a creative set-up, scanning, image editing, colour adjustment, retouch, making up, imposition, PDF-control, proofreading, ISO-certified digital proofs and plate production.

All are working on high-yield Mac-computers with matching advanced workflow that ensures an efficient work procedure with low risk of mistakes when transferring from screen to paper. Naturally, we have access to Windows with all the common programs in our department, so no matter on which platform you are we shall be able to handle your job.

Our work stations, programs, servers and workflows are regularly updated and improved. Our graphic designers will also regularly attend courses to be updated and thus ready to handle all jobs with the most recent knowledge on hand – we keep very closely abreast of developments and do our utmost to be one step ahead. All this will allow us to minimise the risk of errors and to ensure that you will always have your printed matter on time.

In the department we can also handle digital print, advanced large size plots and ISO-certified proofs on modern machinery.

We prepared some instructions which will most probably help you get the best result of your printed matter. If you cannot find any help in the directions you are welcome to contact us on telephone number +45 96 800 700, or by mail to



Access to FTP

How to upload to our FTP from Windows or Mac.

> Download instructions (PDF) (Danish)


What we control ...

An overview which shows what we control in your PDF

> Download instructions (PDF) (Danish)


The perfect PDF

How to make the perfect PDF

> Download instructions (PDF) (Danish)


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FTP login

Please use the following information to log on to the guest folder on our FTP.
username: gaest
password: gaest1

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Please contact Allan Bernhard on phone number +45 96 800 700 or,
if you want your own folder on our FTP