Access to FTP

You may upload files to our FTP from both Mac and PC. If you have to upload files you may either use an internet browser or a FTP-program.

If you do not have a folder on our FTP, you may upload to our guest folder with the following login information:

Host name:
Username: gaest
Password: gaest1

( It is very important that you use only small letters)

If you do not have a FTP-client program, you may use the following:

Windows (internet Explorer) > Read instruction here
Mac (Cyperduck) > Read instruction here

Once you are connected to our server you must make a folder for your job and name it with a clear reference to the job. It will be safe to compress the job, before you transfer it, either as a ZIP or a Sit compression. Such a compression may often minimise the amount of data and the risk of errors when transferring. On a Mac computer you can right click the folder and choose “compress”. On a Windows computer you can use a program such as WinZip, a free program that may be downloaded below.

> Download WinZip (Windows)

We shall automatically receive a message when we have new files on our FTP, so there is no need to contact us, when your file has been uploaded. If you need any further information, please send a mail to your consultant or to

If you experience any problems when connecting to our FTP, you are welcome to contact Allan Bernhard on telephone number +45 96 800 708 or

Please note that all quotations will be made on the basis of completed PDF-document ready for press, in CMYK colours with 3 mm of cropping and crop marks, with fonts included, centred, single sheet and in the same document. Corrections are on an hourly basis at a price of DKK 550 per hour exclusive of VAT.